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Freight information
Transportation method md Airbus 300
Loading place Flag RU RU , Moscow Domodedovo (DME)
Offloading place Flag HU HU , Budapest
Date of advertising 2018-05-10 11:21:51
Loading date 2018-06-04 +5
Offloading date 2018-06-18
Freight dimensions 2.8x1.15x1.55 meters
Weight 2.2 t.
Pallets 2
Volume 8.9 m³
Additional info
1 crate*2700 x 990 x 1460 mm 1 crate *2800 x 1150 x 1550 mm The goods are engines, clean and free from any liquids. They are packed into special metal+ wood crates. The term is FCA Moscow. Can be shipped by regular airline carrier. The destination airport is flexible; it can be any major airport in Central EU.
User information
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